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Certified Tool & Die Apprenticeship

Wiegel Apprenticeship Program

Tool & Die Apprenticeship Program

We recognize a true crisis in what is known as the U.S. manufacturing skills gap where talented labor has become scarce and many available manufacturing positions are going unfilled. As the current workforce ages and retires, and the draw of new workers to manufacturing declines, the skills gap grows. Wiegel’s registered apprenticeship program was developed to address the decline of next generation workers in manufacturing by growing the talent and skills needed to fulfill manufacturers’ demand and provide workers with a strong and secured career path. Our program recruits and shapes potential talent to produce highly-skilled, qualified workers that will evolve and strengthen today’s manufacturing industry and secure its future.

By joining our apprenticeship program, you are getting paid to train and learn the Journeyman Tool and Die Maker trade from our manufacturing experts while building your work experience. The opportunity to start your manufacturing career with no previous experience or manufacturing education is here at Wiegel.

Get 5 years paid work experience, paid education and earn a career as a Tool and Die Maker by joining Wiegel's U.S. Department of Labor registered apprenticeship program.

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Manufacturing Career Chart

What's In It For You?

  • Expert Training and Instruction
  • Professional Experience
  • Apprentice Training Courses at the Technology & Manufacturing Association
  • Hourly Compensation with Scheduled Pay Raises
  • Employee Fringe Benefits
  • National Certification and College Credits
  • Opportunity for an Employment Position as a Journeyman Tool and Die Maker

About The Program

Wiegel’s apprenticeship program is registered by the U.S. Department of Labor and combines hands-on instruction and training with the use of cutting-edge manufacturing technology along with classroom instruction covering key technical engineering and tool making concepts. Our apprenticeship program operates over a period of 5 years to complete the program. During this time, apprentices will achieve 10,000 paid working hours of on-the job training at Wiegel’s plant headquarters and 3 years of debt-free schooling at the Technology & Manufacturing Association (TMA).

Apprentices will learn a variety of on-the-job training applications in our tooling, quality, and production departments and reach a total of 10,000 working hours.

Tooling Department Applications

  • Tool Design
  • Jig Boring
  • Turning
  • Die Machining
  • Electrode Manufacturing
  • Plunge EDM
  • Jig Grinding
  • Die Assembly
  • CNC Machining
  • Wire EDM Operating
  • Polishing
  • Die Maintenance
  • Die Grinding
  • Wire Programming
  • CNC Programming
  • Heat Treat Prep
  • Hole Popping
  • Layout Inspection


  • Inspection
  • Sensors


  • Press Room
Wiegel Tool Works worker


Read our Apprenticeship brochure for more details and benefits of the program and additional information on how to get enrolled.

Program Brochure Program Certificate
Wiegel Tool Works Apprenticeship Program


If you have further questions regarding our Tool & Die Apprenticeship Program, you can contact someone from our Human Resources team at

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I wanted to work with my hands and do something technical. Manufacturing aligned with what I was looking for, and it continues to evolve. CNC and robotics aren’t something people usually think about when they hear manufacturing, but technology has changed the industry. It’s an exciting time to be a part of this career. Third Year Apprentice
I’m a U.S. Marine corps veteran with a background in computer programming and design engineering, and I didn’t know manufacturing was a career option until two years ago. Before this position, everything was cerebral and theoretical. But in manufacturing, you need to be in tune with your senses and include them in your work. In the end, the real-world physical results are much more important than just the understanding of how and why. Second Year Apprentice
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Careers At Wiegel

We have tons of high-skilled and high-paying career opportunities at Wiegel awaiting the perfect candidate. If you want to work for a technology-driven company that fast-tracks their employees for success, stays ahead of the curve and leads in innovation, then Wiegel is where you want to grow your career.

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